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phone: + 420 736 106 939 (2 pm and later)


Prague, Czech Republic

Galleries where you can see some of my paintings all year round:


Gallery Es

Nuselská 297/5, Prague 4 (in the gallery and in the depository)


Gallery XXL,

Hříškov 173  (depository) 


Dolmen Gallery (depository)


Knupp Gallery,

Revoluční 17, Prague 1 (currently one painting)



MgA. Jirka Houska

He studied at Secondary school of applied arts of Václav Hollar and at the Academy of fine arts in Prague (prof. Z.Beran studio). He specialises in figural painting - mostly portrait. One of his common inspiration is also a scenery, but sometimes sci-fi scenes or mysterious and scientifically unknown animals. This is related to his interest in natural sciences, preferably paleontology and kryptozoology. In 2015 he fully illustrated a book On The Path of Mysterious Animals, written by Jaroslav Mareš.


Solo exhibitions:

2009 Galerie u Zlatého kohouta, Prague

2009 Sedlec-Prčice

2010  Houska castle

2010  Galerie u Zlatého kohouta, Prague

2011 Galerie u Zlatého kohouta, Prague

2011 Floors and darkness - Galerie Pokorná, Prague

2013 Mostly in the wild - Galerie Mainerová, Prague

2013 Semi-hidden - Galerie Pokorná, Prague                                                                                                                                     

2013 Breasts and mammoths - Alex Art Gallery (Knupp Gallery) Prague        

2014 Full moon and half portraits - Alex Art Gallery (Knupp Gallery) Praha

2015 From mammoths to the moon - Artinpark Gallery, Pruhonice castle

2015  Along the paths of mysterious animals - Knupp gallery, Prague

2016 From eyes to eyes - Knupp gallery, Prague

2017 Absorbed by the jungle -Galerie Via Art, Prague

2017 Solticelefants - Knupp Gallery, Prague

2018 Ballance - Knupp Gallery, Prague

2019 Breathing sky, Impact Hub Prague, Koperníkova 10

Common exhibitions:

2009 Galerie Dolmen, Prague: common exhibition with Jiří Vávra and Jitka Nesnídalová
2012 Galerie Dolmen, Prague : Through the city and the forest, common with Jitka Nesnídalová
2015: Prague riverside, (A)void gallery: Vhltava, common with Blanka Novákov
2016: Prague riverside, (A)void gallery: common with Jitka Nesnídalová

Some of collective exhibitions:

2008: Prague, New Town Hall, "Defenestrace"

2010: Prague, Chemistry Gallery 2010: Prague, Auction exhibition for Konto BARIÉRY

2010: Poland: Traveling exhibition to the plein air, on the anniversary of the Battle of Grunwald                                                       2011: Prague, Figurama 2011                                                                                                                                                                         2011: Prague, Artpro gallery, exhibition "HYPE-R-R"                                                                                                                                  2012: Prague, National Gallery, Exhibition Palace: AVU Graduates 2012                                                                                              2012: Strakonice: Museum of Central Pootaví, Students and alumni at. prof. Beran                                                                              2012: Klatovy Klenová: Gallery at the White Unicorn, "Original Perspectives"                                                                                        2012: London, represented by the eS gallery, at the exhibition of Czech artists, in the Czech Center for the Olympics The exhibition then continued at the Gambit Gallery in Prague                                                                                                                      2012: Brno, Reduta, Kafka and other birds                                                                                                                                                   2012: Kroměříž, Gallery 77, exhibition "Zoo"                                                                                                                                               2013: Prague, Artinbox Gallery                                                                                                                                                                    2017: Prague, New Gallery, Landscape 2017                                                                                                                                               2019: Art safari, Řeporyje                                                                                                                                                                                     2019 - 2020 Dialogues, Gallery of Cooperatives, Prague                                                                                                                               2020 - Portrait in Bohemia from the perspective of two centuries, Prague Castle Imperial Stables                                                  2020 - S.V.U. Mánses, Rabas gallery Rakovník                                                                                                                                            2021 - S. V. U. Mánes generation, in the church of St. Anna in Jablonec nad Nisou                                                                                     2022 - Ateliers, Kooperativa Gallery, Pobřeží 665/21, Prague 8 Karlín                                                                                                           2022 - The world? Joint exhibition of the members of S. V. U. Mánes and Art Talks, Chorus of Czech Brothers, Mladá Boleslav

 Art Fairs:

Art Prague 2010 - 2022  represented by Galerie eS, Knupp Gallery 

Photos from exhibitions:

Prague, 2022, Kooperativa Gallery - my paintings on collective exhibition - Studios

2019 - 2020 - Portrait in Bohemia from the perspective of two centuries, Prague Castle Imperial Stables (my paintings on collective exhibition)

Prague, 2019, Kooperativa gallery, my paintings on collective exhibition

Prague, 2019, Impact Hub

2018, Prague, Knupp Gallery, Ballance

2017, Prague, Knupp Gallery, Solsticelephants

2016, Prague, Knupp Gallery

2016: Prague riverside

2016, Chomutov

2015, Prague, Knupp Gallery

2015, Prague riverside

2015, Pruhonice

2014, Prague, Knupp Gallery

2013, Prague, Knupp Gallery

2012, Dolmen, Prague

2011, Dolmen, Prague

2010, Houska castle

2009, Sedlec - Prčice

Some photos from colllective exhibitions